Who I am


My name is Michaela and I’m a writer. Specifically, I write M/M romance, both of the BDSM/erotica variety and the more vanilla kind. As of writing this, I have three books published and a fourth coming out in July.

I started writing seriously in 2013, having only dabbled in it for a while before then. I’m represented by Saritza Hernandez of Corvisiero Literary Agency, who’s a wonderful agent and endlessly patient with my inability to stay focused on one task for any given amount of time.

I currently live in central Texas with a couple of cats and an equal amount of children, and struggle to find quiet time to write.

(What’s with the kingfishers, I hear you ask? My real name [Michaela Grey is a nom de plume] means “kingfisher” in Greek.)

Please be patient, I’m updating the blog to make it ready for visitors!