Interview with author Heidi Belleau


Thank you so much for talking to me today, I’m super excited to sit down and get to know you a little better! To get started, would you mind introducing yourself for my readers?


With pleasure! I’m Heidi Belleau, a queer romance author from Edmonton, Alberta. I’m the author of DEAD RINGER, the REAR ENTRANCE VIDEO series, and THE BURNT TOAST B&B among others.


DEAD RINGER is one of my favorite gay romances, I have to say it. What are you working on now that you’re really excited about?


Thank you!!! That book is full of some of my favourite tropes and themes and I’m still in love with the leads. Right now, I’m working on an F/F called FALLEN STARLET, which is a book in the upcoming multi-author series Rose & Thorns, all about a secret society of sapphic/queer women celebrities. Which I’m writing with the same co-author as DEAD RINGER, coincidentally!

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Who I am


My name is Michaela and I’m a writer. Specifically, I write M/M romance, both of the BDSM/erotica variety and the more vanilla kind. As of writing this, I have three books published and a fourth coming out in July.

I started writing seriously in 2013, having only dabbled in it for a while before then. I’m represented by Saritza Hernandez of Corvisiero Literary Agency, who’s a wonderful agent and endlessly patient with my inability to stay focused on one task for any given amount of time.

I currently live in central Texas with a couple of cats and an equal amount of children, and struggle to find quiet time to write.

(What’s with the kingfishers, I hear you ask? My real name [Michaela Grey is a nom de plume] means “kingfisher” in Greek.)

Please be patient, I’m updating the blog to make it ready for visitors!